About Us

Morning Whistle is established since 2020, as a pioneer in Bamboo Cotton Textile Brand. We are expanding our products into home living goods and lifestyle as an eco-friendly and a sustainable brand. We believe that big changes start with small changes.

Our Product

Morning Whistle's towels are made from 100% premium bamboo cotton,
that makes us a high quality bath towels.


As our towels are made of premium bamboo cotton as our main material, we are confident of having much better absorption that will keep your skin and hair healthy.


Morning whistle towels contain natural anti-bacterial, make it hygienic and reduce odor. Bamboo fiber is very safe and good for skin, especially for you who have sensitive skin, allergies and by large for babies.


Bamboo fibers are safe for the environment, as scientifically approved that they are easy to decompose, doesn't need a lot of water and doesn't use pesticides to grow.